Please help me to correct the sentences as following.

  1. Could you please give the information about the length of the courses and fees for beginners?

  2. Nobody can deny the benefit of the Internet in our life?

  3. You have read the article on the website, haven’t you?

  4. There is a car, isn’t there?

  5. Two department stores have be built this year.

I would like information about the length and costs of the courses for beginners.

Nobody can deny the benefits of the Internet in our lives.

3 and 4 are okay.

What about # 5 , please help me to correct the sentence “5. Two department stores have be built this year.”

Two department/departmental stores have been opened this year.

One more sentence, please help me to correct cos I try my best to write I don’t it is right or not. Many thanks.

  1. My sister is very rich. At the moment she works at / for provincial hospital.
  1. My sister is very rich. At the moment she works at/for a provincial hospital. (Both ‘at’ and ‘for’ are possible and acceptable.)
    (I don’t understand the inter-relation between the two sentences, though.)

Two department stores have been built this year.

(Please note that ‘built’ and ‘opened’ have different meanings.)

Yes, they have different meanings. If construction is meant, it is ‘built’, and if commencement is meant it is ‘opened’.

How else could they be taken?

Well, unless you experienced a sort of itching sensation in your mind, this question would be irrelevant in the light of my clarification, which suggests that I mistook ‘built’. See, this is how your responses often turn irritating. It’s unbecoming of you to do that. Be childlike, not childish! Be moderate with your words (like most others) as you are introduced to the forum as a moderator, and as you claim that you are a language coach.

I asked a simple question. You don’t seem to be able to answer it.
I see no suggestion that you mistook anything,

If my responses are irritating to you, that is your problem, not anyone else’s.
I have explained to you many times that I did not choose the term ‘language coach’, but in whatever capacity, I when I have a comment to make I will make it. Perhaps you should strive to be a little less condescending in tone and a little less abusive in content.

There you go!

So should you, too.

You do not seem to know the meaning of this highlighted word as much as I do. LUSH.