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Having a job that you love and enjoy is more important than having a high salary. Agree or disagree

When it comes to choosing occupation, people usually get confused about whether they should choose a job that they love or a job with high salary. In my opinion, there is no point when we choose a job with potential salary while we have no interest in it. Therefore, I strongly believe that though salary is a consideration, following your interests in a career is more important.

First, you can enjoy working with less pressure. Forgetting that they are working at times, those kinds of people are just simply having enjoyment in doing their favorite things. Therefore there is less mental pressure. My sister, for example, is a painter. When she has a project, she rarely goes outside of her studio. Sometimes, she is so busy that she does not come home either. My aunt always complains about my sister it is so stressful and irregular job. No matter what her mother said, my sister has been a painter for 10 years and she has never thought about changing job. She enjoys every minute and the strain is not her problem.

Second, having a job that is in line with your interest can lead to better job performance. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, once said “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”. It is true. Because when it has already been the job that you have passion on you do not have to force yourself to work. With interest and passion, people work with the highest focus and sometimes they even lost their sense of time. It keeps you motivated and engaged in your work. On the other hand, if you take a job in fields that they are not passionate about simply to make money, you might feel drained and depleted.

To conclude, it is not just the fact that work is more enjoyable when you love it. There are also real benefits that directly impact your career success. Having a job that you love and enjoy can keep you out of pressure and give you motivation to work effectively.

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Hi cam, I thought this essay was very good. Your writing is clear, easy to understand, and generally sounds very natural. Your ideas are relevant to the topic and your examples are convincing. You do have some errors in article use and a few other phrases that are not quite correct. Also, your vocabulary is a bit basic and you have some repetition. Still, overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.