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“When people succeed, it because hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.”
Do you agree or disagree with the quotion above?
Use specific reason and examples to support your answer.
To become success, hard work is very essential but it seem to be not enough. Many people are very industrious but they never get their dream because they don’t have any chance to show their abilities and their knowledge. These people seem to be examples that denote the important of luck. Luck,don’t like many people thinks play an particular role on the people sucessful way since it provides people with chances to show their talent and helps they get an best way to walk.
Many times, luck become the most important factor because it give opportunities for people. One may very talent, adroit and industrious but these qualities will have no worth if they don’t have chance to be showed. In this case, luck is much mor necessary than hard work. My friend who was the most intelligent student in my class is an example. Haplessly, his father was died while he was an highschool student and that make him have to give up his studying and his beautiful dream. Now, he is a normal employer in a factory in our city
Moreover, to chose the best successful way from many other way seem to be lucky. Many affluent people always talk about fortunate when they are asked how they can reached their goal. None of them can refuse the important of luck which help them get a best way to walk on. Even when solving a math problem luck is also necessary. My majority in university is mathematics, so I am often faced with many hard problems which contain many possible cases. To distill the right way it is not easy. Hence, if I fortunatelly I can get my expected way soon otherwise I must try to eliminate each cases which I meet.
Hard work is good but it is not all factor that lead people to success instead people also must have some luck to flourish proprous because without luck they can not have opportunities and also not have the right way to walk on.

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