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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
There are times when lying is acceptable.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Here is my writing
Some people strongly belive that lying is definitely bad. They always think that the truth is always the best and lying is egregious because it make people belive in somethings which are not real and after these thing are discovered, people must be suffered from disapointing, bittering feeling. Hardly can they see that there are some place where lying is remakebly positive. In some case, lying helps people have hope in future and relief from pains that they are suffering
Sometimes, lying encourages people to live, to work better. It provide people with hopes. When a child solves a math problem in a terible way, his teacher may not says the truth but instead this teacher can say that his student’s job is not bad and help this student desire the best solution. The lying which the teacher told his student make this student not feel sad, disapointed and also encourage this student to work better. When I make a wrong solution, my chemistry teacher never told that “ you are wrong” instead he said that “ oh, you just weren’t success but don’t worry suceed will come to you soon”. What he sad always make me think that I not stupid and I can prove myself.
Moreover, some lies can help people relief from their pains much more than what the truth can do. Doctor never tells their cancer patient about his real status but he says that their diseas can be treat. It make these patient fell much more better. They can solace their from thoughts that they are dying or lossing their hope. Twenty years ago, my gandfather was told to be lung cancer. After hearing this, he became hopeless. He came to his doctor and asked this doctor how long he could live. Instead of saying that my grandfather have only little time, he said that my grandfather should not worried about this diseas because it was not as serious as my grandfather told and it could be cured. Myfather, after meeting his doctor, he became love his life agains and try more to get over his diseas. As a result, now, he still lives healthly
Lying is not as bad as what people think about. Although, ussualy, lying is not good, it also have times when lying is the best for all because it prevent people from being disponent and help them escape from their pains

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I think that your reasons are very good, but pay attention to some details and grammar points. The sentence They always think…bittering feeling IS A LONG ONE. Try to write short sentences.
believe… it makes people… believe in THINGS… PEOPLE SUFFER FROM DISAPPOINTING AND BITTER FEELINGS. Hardly can they… VERY GOOD… THERE ARE SOME PLACES…remarkably positive. It provides people. terrible way Do you mean difficult manner? When a child… LONG SENTENCE… his/her teacher… instead the teacher… THE LYING WHICH THE TEACHER… The lying/lie the teacher told… disappointed… encourage the student I MAKE A WRONG SOLUTION… iT’S BETTER I have a bad decisionm ake a bad decision…my chemistry teacher never TELLS (because of make) instead he SAYS YOU weren’t JUST… What he says makes me think I’m not stupid and I can be successful.
… people relieve… grandfather…told to have lung cancer. He went to his doctor… disease… diseases can be treated. It makes… They can solace themselves. Twenty years ago my… only had little time… disease… my grandfather was told and HE could be healed… he learned to love life again and He tries…now he is still living healthly… usually. it also HAS the best for everyone it prevents. DISPONENT??? I did not get the right word. pains. suffering. Your ideas are excellent, byt the grammar mistakes are many and they affect your whole performance. Study as much as possible through English-test-nest and you are going to improve it a lot. Take care and good luck!.