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The bar chart provides information about elephant population in various Asian nations in 1997 and 2004. As can be clearly seen, the quantity of elephants in most of the countries reported, to the greater or lesser, followed a downward trend during the 7-year period.
Of those countries whose number of elephants was more than 3000 in 1994, Malaysia and Thailand experienced the most noticeable fall, with the figure went down as low as around 1100 in 2004, half the figure 7 years before. India remained the number one in terms of elephant amount, but saw a dramatic decrease from just under 10000 to roughly 7500. There was a slighter drop (around 3000) in the quantity of elephants in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.
The remaining nations, meanwhile, possessed a less-than-1500 amount of elephants in both years. The populations in Vietnam and China fell slightly, while the figure for Laos remained almost unchanged at 1100. The only country where there was a sign of recovering was Cambodia, where the number rose by approximately 200.

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Hi, another great report. That one sentence sounded pretty odd though - if you could correct that, I would rate this a band 8.