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Topic: The government should control the amount of violence in films and on television in order to control violent crimes in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this action?
The violent contents broadcasted by media have never failed to attract people’s attention and spark controversy. The centre of debate is whether movies and TV shows containing violence should be restricted, concerning their adverse effects on people’s thoughts and behaviours. It is my firm belief that the devastating influences of these scenes are overt, thereby should be well controlled by government.
People should first recognize that the prevalence of violent sceneries on films can lead to viewer’s inappropriate perception of violence, especially that of children and adolescents. So intense are these scenes that audiences may regard unlawful acts as an acceptable norm. western action films and Chinese swordplay movies, in which a character whose main work is using his amazing strength to kill evil doers is labeled as a hero regardless of his behaviors’ subsequences, could be taken as a telling example. Limiting the doses of violence on TV programmes and movies is thereby highly recommended.
Yet, perhaps the strongest argument in favour of this theory is that the ongoing exposure to violent contents can result in exact copycat suicides, fights, bombings, shootings, to mention but a few. The detailed reports of crimes on TV could accidentally become free courses for potential criminals. There is a possibility that young offenders can sharp their unlawful skills through observing and imitating these reports, which may be responsible for the increase at an alarming rate of juvenile delinquency.
The above mentioned facts have given one a glimpse of the reasons why movies and TV shows should be examined carefully before being made accessible to audiences. Not only do these violent scenes mislead youngsters’ perception, but, more seriously, they are also the primary driving force behind offending behaviours.

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