Please help me answer a multiple choice question.

Finding error question.
Help me choose the correct answer and give explanations, please!
The talented opera singer would have got further ahead in her career had she not been stricken by illness

As far as modern UK English is concerned , there’s nothing wrong with it.
I think in the US, … would have gotten… would be used instead of ‘would have got’.

I have a suspicion that this is not the ‘intentional mistake’ though. :frowning:

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
It’s a question from a mock TOEIC test and the answer is C. However, I still don’t get it.

Which phrase is ©? ‘she not’?
There’s nothing wrong with it. Sounds like a bad test.

Sorry. “would have got” is the answer. My memory is quite bad >"<

Hi Lequanftu,

Everything is OK in the sentence you posted.

If the test is telling you that ‘would have got’ is wrong, then I would assume that whoever wrote the test doesn’t know much about British English.

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The sentence represent the third conditional.
The latter part is the “if” clause “had she not been stricken by illness”.

It means “if she had not been stricken by illness”.

In the first part, the perfect conditional was used. It doesn’t matter at all whether “would have got” or “would have gotten” was used.

Any clearer?


There is nothing wrong with the sentence, E2.
Lequanftu understands what ‘had she not been stricken by illness means’.
What point are you trying to make in your post?

No any.

Is it possible to also say

What point are you trying to make [color=blue]with your post?


Yes, but ‘in your post’ is perfectly acceptable and that is what I meant.

What does ‘No any’ mean?

It was my wrong answer, I’d say.