please help find any mistake in the dialogue


could you help find any grammatical mistakes or wrong words used in the following dialogues between a customer and a receptionist:

Customer: [What is the opening hours of your company?]
Receptionist: [It opens at 7:00am]
Customer: [What about the closing hours?]
Receptionist: [It is closed at 8:00pm, Sir]
Customer: [What is the contact number of your company?]
Receptionist: [000-9876-73653]
Receptionist: [Sir, here is our company’s business card for your perusal.
You could find all the necessary information of our company, such as
contact number, company’s address and office hours on the card.]

Thanks in advance!



Some suggestions:


Hi Alan,

I was just wondering why “contact/TELEPHONE number OF your company” is incorrect? Why should it be “contact/TELEPHONE number FOR your company”?

Do they differ in meaning in any way? Please clarify.