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Subject: What factors contribute to job satisfaction?
How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?

  As far as I’m concerned, job satisfaction plays a significant role in individual wellbeing in modern society, for the fact that the proportion of lives people spend at work is very high and therefore feelings about one’s work must affect his or her quality of life, or to be specific, wellbeing.
 In my opinion, there are three main factors that contribute to employees’ job satisfaction. First of all, the fulfillment gained from work enhances job satisfaction, especially those of which come from ones’ conquers of great challenges. It is not hard for us to recall how happy and fulfilled we felt when tricky puzzles were solved by us or by joint efforts with peers back in high school. So the sense of satisfaction derived from fulfilling an assignment allocated to us at work magnifies accordingly. Second, positive feedback from superiors elevates job satisfaction to a great extent. Because it is a sign of recognition of one’s devotion and could really inspire he or she to work harder, learn more and reach higher. Lastly, the sense of belonging to a working community also contributes to job satisfaction which makes people feel that there are involved in decision-making and have autonomy in planning their own work. 
However, not everyone at work could get job satisfaction due to the hard economic realities. Only a small proportion of people who are working in companies where their work is really valued and valuable are capable to gain satisfaction, whereas the majority have to confront reality under harsh economic conditions, doing a job which may not play to their talents, or even worse, repeated and boring, for the purpose of supporting their basic needs in daily lives.

In conclusion, sense of fulfillment and belonging, plus positive feedback superiors contributes to job satisfaction. But it is unlikely for everyone to get job satisfaction in corporate world today, only a lucky few end up with doing a job with great satisfaction.

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