Please help! A second masters degree in US

Hi there,

I have done my Masters from IIT Madras in Electrical Engineering with CGPA 7.3. I intend to take up Masters on another stream mostly on Microelectronics from reputed US University. Am I eligible to do that ,since I have already earned a Masters degree in India? So do I need to take up my GRE and TOEFL? In calculating GPA, do US Universities take into account my marks at PG Level or UG level or both?

Please help



Everything is going to depend on which university you are applying to.

You will definitely need a TOEFL, MTELP or ESL Compass test score (depending on which exam or exams the university accepts). Even some people who have gone through Indian undergraduate and graduate programs in English do not know English well enough to study at an American university. In fact, some of them speak and write horrible English. The university may make you take more ESL before you start your program.

You may have to take the GRE exam, and even if you don’t have to, it won’t hurt.

I don’t know how the admissions departments of individual universities look at GPA. I would think they’d care most about the GPA you maintained for your most recent degree. However, if your undergraduate GPA was bad, then they will notice it.