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Topic-- it is impossible to be completely honest with your friend.
A tremendous number of people,holding the idea that honesty is the first consideration when it comes to make friends,claim that a good friend should never lie.However, I concede the opinion.I strongly believe that it is impossible to be completely honest with your friends for the following reasons.
First of all,people emphasize honesty for they regard honesty as kindness.However it is not such simple case.Admittedly,under most circumstances being honest is the way to show your sincerity.When it comes to some specific situation,dishonesty is a smart way to dissolve embarrassment.My brother John’s example illustrates the point well.Once he was in an important meeting with his collage and they planned to give a present to the foreign attendance.To his vast surprise,his colleague left the gift in office.In order to dissolve the embarrassment,he took out another gift which he bought for his father’s birthday then gave it to the foreigners.The foreigners, who had no idea about what the origin were excited and had a nice impression of John’s colleague.Although it is not the idea of the company,but John’s action helped his colleague and was beneficial for the company.
Secondly,some dishonest words can do a favor to encourage people who are in low mood and help them get out of the difficulties.Once an American professor who was a specialist in chemistry got cancer.Actually,the health condition was not positive and the possibility of survival was very low.Whereas,his doctor told him there was a high chance to survive through surgery.Luckily,he believed what the doctor said and kept positive attitude during the cure,which was not only advantageous to the recovery but also comforted the family.
Last but not least,keeping a range of private space can create a more balanced and enduring connection with friends.On one hand,we can avoid embarrassment in front of friends if we do not share in anything that is highly associated with our personal lives,such as diaries,short messages and emails.On the other hand,according to some research in psychology,it contributes enormously to well-being to recollect experience instead of telling them to others.With a higher level of happiness,people are more likely to cherish their lives as well as long-standing friendship.
To conclude,not only should people recognize the importance of honesty,but also should they have the ability to distinguish when and where to use it to shape a longer friendship.In other words,it is impossible to be completely honest with friends all the time.

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Hi Cathy, I thought this one was very good. You have some great ideas and have communicated them very clearly. You do have a few minor errors and a couple of improvements that could be made, as well as that one odd sounding sentence. Still, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.