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People have different job expectations for jobs. Somepeople prefer to do the same job for the same company, whereas others prefer to change jobs frequently.


Expenditure is a term which is involved with our daily life. Where we need something from others we need something as a return and this is the expenditure. Peoples meet their expenditure by many ways and job is the most available one. People gets job by their skill and interest. Some peoples change their job for many reasons but frequently changing is not a good sign for one’s future.
Salary is the main factor to select a job but not all. Environment of work and ultimate satisfaction is the key factor to continuing one’s job. Interesting offer by salary or others criteria, dissatisfaction, future of this job et cetra are the reason to change a job. If anyone gets more salary or facility offered by another company, one can go there. Not all peoples do like this. Another fact is well known or stable company. Many people prefer government job though it has less salary than private sector. Then what is the reason behind this decision? Reason is the stability.
Dissatisfaction is the most important key to change one’s current job. Dissatisfaction can be occurred by many ways like poor management, no increment in salary, illegal power use against him et cetra. Long term service is also another factor to be bored. These cases are acceptable to change jobs. On the other hand, some people are greedy and less responsible; they change their job without any valid reason. As a result authority does not trust him and he is not able to increase his experience. At early of his job life, he can be benefitted but after a certain time he will be suffered.
In conclusion, Job change is necessary but frequently change is not acceptable to any authority as it indicates his irresponsibility. Although job change is his own rights but changing job without any valid reason, has a negative impact. One should adjust with his job as much as possible and authority should concern about employees satisfaction. Well known company follows researcher instructions for monitoring employees satisfaction, that why they are preferable to anyone.

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Hi, I think your essay had quite a few problems. Large parts of it sound very unnatural and awkward, especially your introduction. Your structure is pretty good, you have a clear thesis and topic sentences. But your body paragraphs seem a little disjointed and especially your second body paragraph seemed very repetitive. Overall, i would rate this a band 5.

Thanks Luschen.

“Dissatisfaction is the most important key to chang[ing] one’s current job.”

Why do we use ‘to changing’ instead of ‘to change’?

Here “to changing” is a prepositional phrase, not a gerund. It is modifying “key”. “Key to change” does not make as much sense to me.

Oh okay, so it’s the same with “I am looking forward ‘to seeing’ you.”, isn’t it?

Yes, quite similar. Another preposition that often uses a participle as its object is “for” - a pencil is for writing, a book is for reading.

Oh, I get it now. Thanks Luschen.