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  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents or other adult relatives should make important decisions for their older (15 to 18year-old) teenage children. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Whether parents should make significant decisions for their teenage children is a heated subject of much debate. Some people affirm that parents are knowlegable and well-experienced enough to make decisions for their children, rather then teenagers do not think sensibly and are not muture enough to be responsible for their actions. Moreover, the proponents of this viewpoint assert that parents are always ready to sacrifice a part of themselves for the betternment of their children and assist them to make their dreams come true. However, despite those arguments, as far as I am concerned, teenage children should make their own decisions for several reasons.
To begin with, our parents are not deprived of making mistakes and it may twist of lives of their children. Despite the fact that parent are our first teachers, there is no garantee that the parents will not make wrong decisions and their children will not pay for them. Moreover, parents are biased, as they look their children through the eyes of protector and it may negatively impact the future of the children. My own experience may shed some light on this point. Once I won a project to go and study abroad. However, my parents were against this idea, as they thought that it would not be save and sacure for me to live in a different country. They did not permit me do go. Now I regret about the fact that I did not seize upon my opportunity to get better education and make a good career.
In addition, making one’s own decisions will help to gain real life experience and open one’s eyes towards different situations. It is indisputable that experience is the best teacher and helps us to view the world from a different angle. It is indubitable that the parents will not always be next to their children and later it will be very difficult for childrent to be independant. Furthermore, experience helps us to perceive the world differently and attain more knowledge. Even difficult experiences may turn into valuable lessons in the future. Moreover, making one’s own decisions helps to mould one’s character and shape one’s personality. There is no doubt that one becomes more independent and reponsible while making his own decisions. For example, when I was choosing my future occupations my parents gave me some freedom, as they knew that I was not going to study the subjects I did not like. Despite the fact that I used to ask them for some advice, I chose my future career considering my preferences and strengths. Now I do not regret that I made my own decision and established the plans for the future. Moreover, realizing that it was my own decisions I tolarated painstaking studies, struggled through sleepless nights and contributed everything I was capable of doing to achiave my goals. I tried to give one hundred percent and realize my full potential in order to prove my parents that I made a right decision. In comparison, my friend’s parents forbid her to pave her own path to success. She wanted to become a musician, however, her parents made her to become a doctor. She did not like her specialization and did not study much. It negaitvely impacted her performance and willingness to work. She wasted most of her time hanging out in pubs and ended up being excluded from the university.
To sum up, in my view parents should not make decisions for their teenage children, as their children know better what they want and their parents should try to support them in their decisions. Moreover, gaining real life experience help them to cope with all the difficulties on their own and mould their personality.

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Hi Ani, another great essay, though you had a few more spelling mistakes than normal and a few incorrect phrase structures. Overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.