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[color=blue]Topic:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Movies and television programs should present stories in which good people are rewarded and bad people are punished.

The development of modern society has provided numerous accesses for us to know the outside of the world. Both surfing online and watching TV plays an essential role in our life, fulfilling our curiosity about information from every corner of the society. A question is being debated that whether movie and television should present stories in which good people are rewarded and bad people are punished. As far as I am concerned, I believe that this action is necessary.

To propagate the positive spirit helps people to build up their personality, especially for children. For most of children, the TV or the Internet is the only way for them to acquire the news out of campus. That is, they attain the sense of the society via the programs presented on the TV or the Internet. If they hardly find those good people get reward, and instead the bad guys are still not under arrest by policemen, that will really exert an unfavorable impact on their future development. In more detail, suppose that if you see one person gets a large amount of money illegally without any punishment, you may just do the same because it so convenient and profitable. As a result, the whole society will be interfered by inappropriate programs. So to present positive TV program and movie should be supported.

Moreover, positive movies and programs contribute to the whole society by stimulating the good people and condemning the bad people. For example, there are an abundance of village teachers who careless about their own happiness rather than the education level of the children in their village. When documentaries tell these affairs to the society, people will know them and more people will devote themselves into this area. On the contrary, even though not every suspect is under arrested by government, if reporter could put the news to mass media that suspects are under arrest, it will deter the people to do the illegal action. Consequently, the society will be favor by positive programs and movies.

In a nutshell, although negative things are inevitable, we should present more positive affairs to people, helping them to know the positive energy of the world. In this way, our world will become a better place.

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Hi Mathew, I thought you did a pretty good job with this one. Your essay addresses the prompt correctly, with an effective structure, and you have several good arguments. You have a lot of problems choosing between gerunds and infinitives and you also have some other grammatical mistakes and sentence construction issues. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Ha, I am so excited about this grade. So I’ll go up!