Please give me understanding

Please give me understanding of below mentioned difference…

What you will do? Vs What will you do?
How you will grow? Vs How will you grow?

“What you will do?” – Incorrect
“What will you do?” – Correct

“How you will grow?” – Incorrect
“How will you grow?” – Correct (though not a common thing to say; what situation are you imagining?)

Hi Muhammad Asif,

I wonder why you use a question mark (?) after a statement as in the two sentences you have quoted:

Clearly you must know that subject and verb are invariably inverted in questions. Possibly you are using the question mark to suggest a questioning intonation. Please let me know.


Dear Alan
My understanding for both are interrogative sentence, that’s why i used question mark (?). My question was to understand the difference in between both sentence… because in Google search both are being used in same context(in my thinking)… please help me to understand in a right way…

What you will do?
What will you do?