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Good afternoon everyone and welcome. Please read this :-

You begin to " build " English in exactly the same way that you build a wall. First you lay a solid foundation on which to build. If the foundation is thin and weak, then the wall will surely collapse.

To build a solid English language wall you MUST start off with a solid foundation, and this means by REALLY learning the basics.

Personal Pronouns are your " mix ". Just add time and patience, mix well, and off you go. Once your mix has developed and set solid, then you are on your way to start building your wall.

Without proper preparation you will surely fail. With proper preparation, then the sky is your limit.!

Just to help newcomers who are still ignoring basic English. A few sentences.

Hello, my name is Kitosdad.

I live in Germany, but I am English.

Turn the volume down !

Are you listening to me ?

OK, I hope you have recognised that each sentence begins with a capital letter.

Each sentence ends with a full stop, or question mark, or exclamation mark.

I use " I " when talking about myself, not ( i ).

The names of people or countries always begin with a capital letter.

The above are sentences, and sentences always follow those basic rules. You MUST
follow this practice if you are to have any hope at all of ever learning English.


TOEFL listening lectures: A university lecture by a professor of Animal Behaviour

Hi Kitos.
Many thanks for these tips. Once I forced myself to study these rules, and now they are really easy for me to follow.
With regards to your notes, I would like to suggest this URL: [url][/url]. It is obvious that I am not advertising. I hope that you do not take it the wrong way. LOL!



Thanks for the link Salivan. Far more comprehensive than my offering, but I don’t have the time to write so long a list, not do I have the qualification to do so accurately.

I do what I can, and draw the line at what I can’t. :slight_smile:

Thanks, kitos.

Thank you soooooo much ,Kitos.

Thanks for the advise my dear friend.

It is very useful not only to new comers but also for us who make the
same mistakes time and again.