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The Power That Controls Us
Face book, Twitter, I Phones and I pads are some of the most aspects of modern life. Unless you have one of them, you won’t be listed as one member of the modern life. These items have various features that guarantee your interests in. That you can have massive friends in one minute which seems to be impossible in a real life. You could have speak enormous languages just by clicking on your Key board. You won’t be wondered if you captivated by different cultures. You will definitely abuses by the most overwhelmed ones. And being proud of speaking its language, wearing its customs, and eating its foods. Bit by bit, you will be one of its citizens without even notice that. This is exactly what the ramifications of technology. I am firmly support the claim that states: modern technology has been created a single world culture under several reasons as follow.
Firstly, because technology opens many opportunities for most of us, we are hanger to replace the most exhausting means by the most comfortable ones . For examples, the Net which is the most notable part of technology that characterizes most of our modern life, facilities many obstacles which were impossible to accomplish by old devices. Take the case of communications, people could not be able to communicate with their relatives by passé means, such as letters or telephone calls, unless they spend much time and money to transfer their letters or pay their phone calls pills. But the Net, easily, enables them to communicate even by seeing their friends and relatives right there on the screen. Indeed, it is a helpful means, yet, these days this means is not interesting fellows anymore because people find it easy to talk with their bottoms on their computers and cell phones rather that talk with the person who is sitting beside them. As a result, face-to-face communication is vanished, that when you ever meet with people who live in modern life, you will notice the deep gaps between you and them because they are familiar with technology communication devices and lose their abilities to read the facial expressions and body language.
Secondly, technology has been playing a main role on losing our identity. Ever country has its identity which is like a passing card that characterizes and differentiates one country from the other. Cultures, traditions, customs and even foods are what specializes the countries. But by the technology, we all become as followers to the dominating country which control others, indirectly, by its strong economy, unchangeable political orders and powerful influence. Take the case of the Unites States, which has succeeded to spread its aspects, such as fast food, English language and even fashionable styles. So, most nations are fascinating by its effects which leads to lose their identity as a unique unity.
Last, but not the least, technology is one of inevitable result that has proved our weakness points. For instance, because we satisfied by our consumer feature rather that productive feature, we surrendered many glory capacities that we were created by. One version after another of technology devices has been wanted and paid generously by most of us. We become happy by acquiring the latest instruments and equipments. As a result, we stopped our creativity traits and blocked our imaginations to become like machines.
In conclusion, technology is one the most beneficial fruits that facilitates our life and opens many chances for us. But, controlling our interests, losing our identities and highlighting our weaknesses are the most fatal disadvantages that technology has.

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