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In the reading passage it is mentioned that DNA is very important genetic material that founds in all body cells. With the help of identifying DNA samples many crimes are exposed. In the listening passage the professor agrees with this statement.
In the reading passage it is underlined that the DNA fingerprinting is now used for both identifying maternity and paternity and also criminals and victims. The professor gives some ideas which support the reading passage. She highlights that unlike the actual fingerprint the DNA fingerprint cannot be obscured or concealed. As it can be found in every cell of human body, a hair cell, a drop of blood, a piece of skin and etc. can be enough to solve a crime. With the help of this advance we can learn who is innocent and who is guilty.
Furthermore in the reading passage it is demonstrated that there is a small piece of DNA that is called Microsatellite. Microsatellites are used for distinguishing two people. It means that is a type of personal identification. The professor says that it is useful for recognizing the victim. Because sometimes victims are disfigured and impossible to recognize from their appearance, in this case DNA fingerprinting serves a great role. A single cell can be enough for recognizing. On the other hand, the professor mentions that it is shown that people can pick up other people’s DNA on their hands. It means that sometimes the DNA that is found in a crime may not give a precise result.

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from a life sciences class