Please confirm with me (vs) please confirm me!

what does it exactly mean when we say
“Please confirm with me …”
“Please confirm me with…”

what I feel is, the first statement request the other person for my approval before doing the action, while the second statement just request the person to inform me about the status of the action.

Am I correct here ?

Hi Drahul,

You can confirm a meeting, a delivery date, a booking etc. but you don’t normally confirm with somebody or sombedy with. You can check back with somebody or get back with somebody about something.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

What about ‘confirm to’? For example: Please confirm your attendance to Ms ABC by the end of 25 April.

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Hi Beeesneees,

Could you please help with my question?

Thank you very much.

'Confirm to ’ doesn’t really work.

Please confirm your attendance by contacting…
Please confirm you attendance by writing/speaking to…

Incidentally, despite what Torsten says in message #2, there are times when
‘Please confirm with me’ would work.

Please confirm (the plans) with me before starting production, etc.