Please clear my doubt

Hi everybody,

  1. I will try not to do it again.
  2. I will not try to do it again.

Are both the same in meaning?

Thanks in advance

Not to me, David.

#1-- I will avoid some negative action.
#2-- I will avoid an attempt at some neutral action.

Others may disagree.

They aren’t the same to me either:

#1 = I will make every effort to avoid repeating the same action (usually negative).
“I’m sorry that when I kicked the ball it went over your wall. I will try not to do it again.”

#2 = I will make no attempt to replicate an action.
“I have already tried to climb the wall twice. I will not try to do it again.”

Please take a little attention to my explanations. The first sentence, I really don’t want to do it again but that seems a bit hard for me. The second one, I’m sure not to do it again(without any reluctance)

No, BS. #1 denies “to do” while #2 denies “try”.

BLUE SNOW. You would be far better off learning to string an intelligent sentence together, rather than trying to appear well educated, which you are not.
It may be possible to recite and comprehend every word in the dictionary, but if you can’t compose a sentence correctly, what benefit has it done you?
Leave the grammar to people who really understand it, (I don’t), and try to improve yourself, not others.


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