Please checking my writing: Describe a happy event in your life

The first time I met my idol at Asian Artist Award 2019 in My Dinh Stadium was a happy event in my life. At 1 p.m, I eagerly prepared belongings such as food, drink, tissue, power bank,… to make sure everything goes well. After putting them into a small backpack, I got dressed and then, called a taxi to go to the stadium. Arriving, I took the ticket which I bought a few days ago and queued up for entering the gate. After about three hours in line and waiting, the event started with interesting and special performances of famous Korean idol groups and Vietnamese singers. Next, the one moved to the awards section. My idol with her hardworking and efforts in the first successful movie won Best Artist Award - Actor(Movie) and Social Artist Award. When she was on the stage, I was really excited. For the first time, the geographical distance between me and her is so close. Not a unreal distance via a small screen anymore, but instead, I saw her with my own eyes. Have been a fan of her for 7 years but her beauty still makes me gasp every single time. With a gorgous beauty and a sweet, warm voice, she said: " Hello everyone" in Vietnamese, which made my heart melt and heart-touching. The event though, my memory of this one will remain fresh forever and I will always treasure.