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Living Aboard
“When in Rome do as Romans do” is a common proverb which most people use as an excuse for their unusual behavior when they travel aboard. Every one dreams to travel to a foreign country because of many aspects. People can learn a lot about a new culture: traditions and customs. They will meet various people with different nationalities, and they will manage to learn from them and have a clearer image about their traditions and customs. People usually change when they travel in order to adapt a new life, but others do not agree with this concept and stick to their usual behavior that they are used to. I agree with the idea saying that people must behave differently from the way they behave at home because of several reasons.
First of all, people who travel abroad must act differently from the way they usually do at home to be able to cope with a new living. For example, foreign cultures force us to pay attention to certain values in order to understand new environments. Personally, I experienced barriers which have made my visit to the United States of America a bit challenging. The citizens there are too punctual, but in my country it is acceptable to be late for a few minutes. So, this point embarrassed me and forced me to respect time. Moreover, in China, people should switch off their phones at restaurants. Otherwise, people would regard you as an inconsiderate person when you didn’t do so.
Another issue to shed the light on is that travelers must adjust themselves to the new environment. For instance, Chinese people give a special consideration to the social lives; they respect their customs so much. Thus, if you traveled there, you should be aware of this point and try to follow their local custom as much as you can. To illustrate, Chinese have several festivals that symbolize their ethics, one of which is the wisdom day. In this day, you have to respect the elderly and listen attentively to their words. Yet, these kinds of ceremonies are not so valuable in some countries which cause shock culture.
All in all, traveling is the best way to shape our personalities. We learn a lot of values, such as modern cultures and interesting customs. In order to keep pace with the new life, we have to conduct ourselves with the difference between the way we behave in our own countries and the way when we travel aboard. In my opinion, we must enjoy flexibility so that it enables us to learn, accommodate, and continue our discovery ride in our lives.

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Hi Hanan, I think this is probably your best essay yet. Most of it sounded very natural and your detailed examples were very effective in supporting your thesis. You did have some errors in your phrase structures and some word choices that could be improved though. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.