please check this,A person should never make an important decision alone

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A person should never make an important decision alone. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

History is made up of several wrong and right decisions made by leaders and their followers. It is full of stories on how a prudent decision saved millions of people’s lives, while an ill-considered one led to a large-scale number of deaths. History shows us that important decisions should be made wisely; that is, one should consult with others, for he is not always well-informed on every aspect of an issue, and he may make his decisions based on emotions. Moreover, the consequences of a decision affect others as well, so they should be made with great consideration.

“To err is human”. This is a famous statement that clarifies our discussion. As human beings, we are subject to possible errors. In other words, we are not knowledgeable about every aspect of a situation; therefore, we can easily make wrong decisions. Moreover, without a doubt, we are not well-experienced in evaluating of every dimension of our life, so asking about others experience in an issue would definitely lead us to a wiser decision.

A further point to keep in mind is that emotion and logic are two great contributors to each decision . According to psychologists, about eighty percent of adult population’s decisions are biased by emotions and result in subsequent side effects. It has been reportedly emphasized that the key to removing the emotion component is to greet other’s points of view. In other words, a close friend, an adviser, or a close family member are potentially able to help with making reasonable decisions.

Another point which should not be overlooked is that every important decision of ours influences people around us directly or indirectly; therefore, it is wise to ask them to share their standpoints as well. For instance, marriage may seem like the most personal happening in an individual’s life, while several examples have shown the extend to which a couple marriage can lead to ruining a parents-child relationship. Another example is how our job decision can affect our family members. As a mother of two, I always consult with my husband before taking a new job. I know how my job as a nurse can influence my children’s and husband’s lives. Asking my family to take part in making job decisions would remove the possible afterwards conflicts between us.

To sum it up, a rational, well-considered decision which is also favorable to people around us is only made if we welcome other people opinions. I hope historical stories encaurage more people to get consultation before making decisions.

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