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About us

Founded in 2004, Balmey group consists of three main departments, Being: fire safety, Industrial Automation and instrument.
Thanks to efficient funds & foreign relations, Balmey has been a leading supplier of the required equipment in various industries with rock bottom prices and minimum delivery time.
Thanks to our sophisticated and trained expert and accordance with high tech and international standard, we provide the clients with high tech services and engineering support.
All supplied equipment are covered with manufacturer’s guarantee and Balmey’s 10-years of after- sales service.
At Balmey Group costumers come first and this has been and will be our key success factor.

Balmey’s Code of Ethics:

To achieve our organizational goals to satisfy the customer, we follow principle as follows :

  • Having effective interchange with all customers
  • Protecting customer rights as a main asset of ours
  • Having responsibility for all employees by obeying HSE principles
  • Showing mutual respect for staff and participating them in the principal affairs considering their continuous promotions
  • Having loyalty to the organization’s goals and sharing common interests with staff in the company’s interests
  • To be permanently focused on products and services’ quality

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