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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? College or University should offer students more preparation before they start working.

With the development of widespread of education, employers are in great demand. They require employees do well-relate with other people and have some work experiences. Many people think students should prepare work by themselves, but in my view, I disagree with the statement, I think college or university should provide more preparation for students before they graduate.

First of all, students can get some advices from their teachers to prepare work. Because teachers have a lot of experiences and they have wide range horizon as well. For instance, my brother Jack got a lot of help from his professor when he was a undergraduate. His professor gave him some suggestions such as took some part time jobs and worked another major. Finally when he graduated he found a decent job easily and he was very grateful for his professor.

Furthermore, schools can obtain more reputation when students worked in a good company. According to a recent survey conducted by the sociology department of Yale University among 2000 people , 98% respondents think students graduate from the famous schools are able to get some good jobs such as bankers, businessmen and managers. At the same time, students work in the famous companies will bring some benefits to their schools. Researchers believe if schools give students more preparation before they start working, it is not only good for students but also have benefits to themselves.

It is true that, if students have decent grades and detail resumes, they may find a well paying job. And achieve a good job is the duty of students themselves. However, schools help students to prepare tat can make students have more confidence and experiences, while at same time students find a good job also can bring a lot of reputations to schools. So I think schools should provide more preparation for their students.

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Hi Wendy,

I thought your essay was pretty good. Your thesis was somewhat unclear to me though, which is a pretty big problem, as that is the most important sentence in any essay. You had some good reasons though, with clear topic sentences, although I thought your first body paragraph could have been improved. Your writing was not bad, though you have some phrases that are not quite right and some errors in preposition use. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.