Topic: You booked a two-week holiday to Sydney with Fly-by-Night Travel. You are not happy with the holiday – the flight was delayed, the hotel was noisy, and so on. Write to Fly-by-Night Travel to complain about the holiday giving details about the problems. Request some compensation or refund

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing this letter to complain about my holiday in Sydney whic was organized by your company.My wife and ı selected two weeks tour in starting on 15 march.Your agency claimed that we would be picked up at airport and that the hotel was three-star quality.İn addition that the price included breakfast , dinner and two excursions.
First of all my travel to austrila wass really distinguish.I startred my holiday with my lost baggage.Because your agency gave me a wrong flight number then ı ceheck-in my baggage in wrong flight.I almost gave two hours to find my baggage.Moreover nonone was picked up us at airport.Thus we had to pay 50 dollars for taxi.The receipr is enclosed.
Secondly the hotel didn’t have three-star quality.The room which we stayed, ı guess never cleaned or may be once a year.The breakfast portion was vwery small and the hotel refused to provided us dinner.Therefore we had to pay 150 dollars for extra meal.Again ı enclose our restaurant receipts.
I find it dishonest and unacceptable that your company sold us a tour which it is not included the description, and my wife and ı except to be compensated for all our extra expenses.The receipts which ara enclosed 200 dollars.
We except to receive your cheque soon.
Your sincerely

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Hi, your content is fine and you have answered all the questions correctly. Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation have a lot of problems though. Remember to put a space after every period and comma. Overall, I would rate this a band 6, but correcting your punctuation and spelling would probably raise it to a band 7.

Thanks a lot Luschen for helping and correcting my essay