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Topic: Productivity and rewards. Test 1 of Cambridge preparation for the toefl test.

In the lecture that professor made several points on a topic that if rewards increases the productivity or not. The professor argues that rewards is not expected by most of people. Instead of rewards they would like to be paid or in form of respect. The talk by the professor is different from the reading. According to reading, when behaviour is rewarded, it tends to be repeated. The professor casts doubt on that view with several points.
The first point made by the professor is that rewards become punishment for some people. This is because that people believe themselves controlled or manipulated. The professor’s point is different from the reading. The reading states that when rewards is given, it improves employee attitudes, motivation, and productivity. But the lecture shows that people become disappointed when they are not able to get desirable rewards and reduce the productivity.
Another point made the professor is that rewards reduces the quality of the work. This not what the reading says. The reading states that it is possible to persuade people to achieve remarkable results due to rewards. However, the professor says that people less likely to solve their doubt with senior due to a fear of negative rating and in turn, reduce the quality of work.
In conclusion, the points made in the lecture contradict the reading. The professor casts doubt on points made in the reading by showing that rewards reduces quality and quantity of productivity.

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Hi, pretty good writing. Most of my comments were suggestions rather than corrections, but you did have a lot of verb tense errors.


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