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People attend college or university for many different reasons. Why do think people attend college or university?
Nowadays most of people attend universities, colleges and other educational organizations. Those organizations become inseparable part of our social life and play an important role in it. There are plenty of educational organizations all over the world with different methods and philosophy. But why do people attend those organizations? Why is it so important for them?
Of course getting an education is the main reason of attending universities or colleges. Education is one of the main and essential ways of reaching development and prosperity, whether in one person or in society. It gives people important knowledge to enhance various aspects of their life and to create new opportunities. In ancient times education was not spread so much, therefore there were a little amount of educated people. They mostly consisted of scientists and people who worked for the government. In our modern world, people have all opportunities to get a good education and most of them use those opportunities.
It is possible to learn some occupations by learning directly from experience and an individual does not necessarily need to attend educational organization. But it is quite difficult to learn accounting, engineering or programming without having any educational background. Educated person most likely will become a professional in any sphere or occupation rather an individual who learned only by experience and did not study in educational organizations.
Moreover, education develops not only our mind, does not only provide us with indispensable skills, but also develops our spirit, changes our vision of life, of different social and personal problems and makes us more culturally developed. Education gives us an opportunity to change our personal life and life of society.
As I mentioned above education is absolutely important aspect of our life and main goal of attending university or colleges is seeking to get an education. More we learn, more we find to learn. So I think in the future, a number of educational organizations will increase, and people will find more and more chances to attend and get benefit from education.
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Hi Martin.

I think it should be ‘most people’ without ‘of’

Maybe you wanted to say ‘The more we learn the more we find to learn’?

I think it should be ‘the number of educational organizations’

But surely I’m not absolutely positive. I’m just the same learner as you are :)[/b]

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You’re always welcome :slight_smile:
This is why we’re all here, to respond to each other from time to time :slight_smile: But, as I said, I’m infinitely far from being an expert. Let’s wait for what professionals will probably say.

People attend college or university for many different reasons. Why do think people attend college or university?

I think it is better if you say; People attend colleges or universities for many reasons and for instance: some of people attend college to be learners, others attend college to be doctors after graduation and others want to be engineers, so people have different choices on their practical life and have different ideas in their ambitions.

of course this is causative sentence and it needs to be discussed in details…

I hope for you the success