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You need to travel from your home to a place 40miles(64kilometers) away. Compare the different kinds of transportation you could use. Tell Which method of travel you would choose. Give specific reasons for your choice.

 In modern days, there are various kinds of transportations such as cars, trains, buses and airplanes.  In my opinion, however, I would like to travel by a car when I need to travel from my home to a place 40miles away for few reasons.

 To begin with, 40miles is not that long distance. It does not require a large amount of time to reach there. However, the airplane can go long distance at a short time. This means, it is waste of money to take a plane to go 40miles distance. Even with a car, it is fast enough to go 40miles. For example, I have once taken the airplane from Busan Airport to Ulsan Airport by a airplane and it only took 15minutes to reach Ulsan. However, on the internet, I found out it would only take an hour and 17minutes by a car. It was not far enough to take a plane.

 Moreover, with a car, people can have flexible journey. Transportations like trains, buses and airplanes have their own schedules. This can cause limited of time travelling and also, sometimes when people miss their transportations or when their rides delayed, their schedule will be totally spoiled. However with a car, people can leave or ride any time freely. For example, I have missed the airplane in Philippine because the bus was delayed. From this, my whole schedule are delayed too. I had to take a next plane and I arrived in Korea 21 hours late. It was really disgusting.

 On top of that, having a car ride can be more economically efficient. Many people might think the gasoline or car fuel will cost a lot when they travel. But when the destinations are actually far from the stations, people might need to ride another transportations like private taxis or city buses which are very costly and hectic. When they calculate all of those transportations take took, they often get surprised about how expense of their transportations cost. On the contrary, when people put gasoline to their cars once, their car can get enough energy to make a round trip without any more stops to the gas stations. 

  As result, from those three reasons I previously mentioned, I prefer to choose a car when I travel 40miles away. Even though the other transportations have their own unique benefits, it is suitable to ride a car in this case.

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