Please check my essay

Hi Torsten: A couple a weeks ago I read Is progress always a good thing? in your forum and I want to express my opinion, besides I’d like you to check my mistakes because i really keen on improving my writing skills. Thanks for your help. Silvina.
Is progress always a good thing?
This question makes me think about progress as a positive and negative thing at the same time. But it is a fact that progress has made huge contributions to the people throughout history. First of all, there are some examples for the benefit of people, such as scientifc experiments, medical researches, drugs, vaccines, etc. that show us fight against severe diseases. Another examples is the invention of devices and appliances that make people’s lives easier and faster particularly, in those families where both parents work day long. In addition technology and communication, in particular internet and cellular phones provide he opportunity to talk to anyone from anywhere on planet. On the contrary, the negative effects of progress are reflected in several ways. First, misuse of natural resources; second pollution which is created by factories, aerosols, cars, power station,etc. are causing environmental damage and finally the use of mass destruction weapons which has caused millions of deaths and desvastated entire communities in a lot of counires around the world. Taking everything into consideration progress has greater helped people to develop but it is important to keep in mind people in power have the responsability and the duty to avoid putting at risk humans life.