Please check my essay, thanks so much.A gift contributes to a child’s development

A gift can contribute to a child’s development. What gift would you give to help a child develop? Why?
Children are too sensitive and easily affected by things around them. Therefore, a gift, small or big, cheap or expensive can contribute to a child’s development. If I had a gift to the children, I would give a dog to them. A dog can be their close friend, a great guardian and teaches them about responsibility.
First, a dog is a wonderful partner for a child. Modern life carries people away from family and parents sometimes do not find the time to play with their children. Therefore, a dog can help their children not feel alone, which easily leads to autism. Moreover, a dog can be an excellent listener. When the children feel disappointed or sad, their dog always besides them and listens without complaining. As a result, the children will become kind, outgoing and positive people.
Second, a dog is a perfect protector of a child. When the number of criminals increases rapidly because of the society’s development, a dog is a good choice for the children’s protection. The dog is endowed with the ability of tasting bad people; they also make a lot of noise to warn the others about the criminals. Children will not only always feel safe and peaceful but also learn to trust people.
Last but not least, a dog brings the lessons about responsibility. When a child receives a dog, he has to be responsible for taking care of this dog. Bring it to the doctor when it gets sick, cleaning and feeding it every day are some of a child’ duties. If the children want their dog to be healthy, they must be careful in every work. Those works force the children practice the way to become more responsible.
In conclusion, childhood is a vital period in a person’s life. What a person do and think will determine what kind of people he might be. A dog has a good impact on the children’s development because of the above benefits. That’s why I think it should be a gift for a child.

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