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Imagine that you were born a man. How you life be different? Explain and give explanation.

The differences between women and men are not only well-documented, but frequently at the heart of jokes. Sometimes people want to start their life from the beginning .If I were a man ,I suppose my life would be different in many ways because of natural differences in physical abilities , the way women’s and men’s brains are structured.

First and foremost, none of us would argue the fact that men and women are physically different. For example, women are more sensitive than men due to physiological basis. If I were a man, I would have a high threshold for a pain, hence it would allows me to be stronger and to perform work required physical power. Moreover, I could keep my emotions and do not cry easily facing difficulties in life.

Last but not least, there is no doubt that men have better mathematical abilities than women. I always want to have practical type of mind in order to study mathematics that was my favorite subject at school, though I do not have natural ability to be the best in it. For example, I do not have good memory for numbers and cannot do in mind mathematical combination; however, these skills I need many times in my life. Therefore, if I were born a man, I could change my career due to new skills that most determined by gender.

Finally, some sports like soccer opens only for male gender. I want to participate in real games, than if I were a man I could enjoy playing my favorite sport.

To sum up, taking into consideration all mentioned explanation for differences between men and women, I believe that if I were born a man I could realize in my life things as being stronger, changing career and playing my favorite sport.

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Hi, I think you have done a good job. This topic is hard for me, since I like to think that women and men should have the same opportunities, but I admit we are not quite there yet.

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When i was a child,i played handball but wanted soccer, though they use opposite rules.
I see things have changed for good.