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People are able to choose many ways to continue their life. Some people continue their education and enter to a business consequently. However, some other people are not interested academic educations to opt their occupation. Therefore, they commence their job immediately after finishing high school. Sometimes they are ignored in the society because they are not well-educated and no one pay heed them. I think that these people can be a good teacher in their own field, provided they are successful in their occupation. They can even teach educated people well for some reasons given as following.
Uneducated prosperous people can teach both educated and uneducated people well because of their experience. They were in touch with educated and experienced people during doing their job. So, they learnt many things. Furthermore, they experienced some things by themselves. Therefore, they can transfer their knowledge to educated people. In addition, they can transfer all conception in their major in an excellent way. Some professors cofess that they learn some useful things that not to be written in any textbook from experienced uneducated persons
On the other hand, they are not proud of themselves in comparison with some educated people. They try to keep their contact with ordinary people and they do not judge any person by the level of his education. So, all people can communicate with them distressfully.
As a consequence, experienced people are able to be successful teacher because of their good manner. They can also teach educated people by a high level of their knowledge. Finally, it can be concluded that not only does not teaching depend on the education level directly, but also it is related to many other factors namely behavior, ability of transferring conceptions, etc.

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