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Topic:-Some people think university professors should spend more time doing research while others think they should spend more time educating students. What is your view?


It is certain that being a university professor has never been an easy duty. He or she has two parallel missions which are doing researches and teaching students. While some people claim that the former or the latter is more important than the other, I myself believe both of them are mandatory and inseparable for a successful professor.

In the first place, education is obviously the centre role of a university professor. It is no doubt for the above statement due to the fact that university is the place where the knowledge is imparted to next generation. Therefore, a professor which is also an instructor in his or her university has no choice but must pay attention to education skills and the quality of his or her lectures in order to meet the initial career requirement and to be deserved with noble title “teacher”. Furthermore, from my experiences, no professor can be viewed as a successful one if they lack pedagogical ability which will not only help them build a reputation in students but enable them to effectively give scientific lectures to other colleagues as well.

On the other hand, professors can not underestimate doing researches which is also a significant responsibility of an academic institution like a university. In fact, university is derived from a Latin word which means the “community of teachers and scholars” so that its duties are not confined in conveying existent knowledge as teachers’ work but even develop, explore new knowledge and take the initiative in many novel discoveries as scholars’ job. In addition, it is very difficult for university professors to accomplish educational duty if they lag behind in their major field and fail to get their knowledge up-to-date. By doing researches frequently, they can perfect their skills, verify their knowledge and stimulate their students’ creative power easily and practically.

In light of these facts, both educating students and investigating researches have their own merits in the career of a university professor. Should a professor want to become outstanding, he or she need to keep in mind that balancing above two aspects is the most vital key.

Please check my essay…please
Topic: Students at universities often have a choice of places to live. They may choose to live in university dormitories, or they may choose to live in apartments in the community. Compare the advantages of living in university housing with the advantages of living in an apartment in the community. Where would you prefer to live? Give reasons for your preference.


Choosing a dwelling to live during school is always a hectic process. Some students prefer to live in university dormitories and others prefer off-campus apartments. Both of the choices have its advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I prefer to reside in university dorms, as university dormitories are less expensive, provide academic aid, and are disciplined.

Many students might prefer to live in dorms and others feel that private apartments could be more appropriate. Concerning with the finances of living, the cost speaks louder than other concerns. I believe that living in dorms would be less expensive than living in a private apartment. For example, living in university dormitories costs approximately $ 400 monthly including utilities and internet and T.V. cable. While the cost of an apartment will outweigh approximately $ 600 monthly includes nothing.

Secondly, I confess that a private apartment may preserve privacy more than the dorms, in the other side, living with your peers and colleagues provide an important academic aid. If I choose to live in an apartment, I will not receive the academic aid that I receive in the university dormitories from the supervisors and junior students. Finally, everything is negotiable except reserving my health. I’m a scrupulous about healthy matters. The bad healthy conditions and transmitting-infection atmosphere are the things scare me the most in an apartment. Thus, I believe that cleanliness and discipline are very an important trait in my dwelling. The private apartment is owned and run by owners who rarely care about keeping the apartment in a good shape. For example, I know a friend who left his apartment after the negligent owner ruined the apartment. The apartment was in a miserable state, the windows were broken, the tub had some leaks, and finally, the heating system had broken down. Thus, I feel that university dorms are clean, quiet, and disciplined and, that is why I prefer to live in dorms.
In conclusion, I prefer to live in university dormitories rather than a private apartment, because university dormitories provide more advantages rather than an apartment. Those advantages include that dorms are less expensive, provides academic aid, and are disciplined

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it is more enjoyable to have a job where you work only three days a week for longer time than to have a job where you work five days a week for shorter time.

 In my opinion,  have a job where you work only three days a week for long hours is not more enjoyable than have a job where you work five days a week but for shorter hours. I myself prefer second option. Here are my reasons to deal with.
  The first aspect to point out is that while working 5 days a week for shorter time, one has less pressure work and it is healthier. Imagine a day you have to work for longer hours; it really make you tired and when you go home you have less energy to spend your time with your family and friends you just like to hit the sack, but if you have a job with shorter hours you can put in enough time with your family since you are not so tired. In addition, since you have more spare time each day you can do different works you want to, like go to the gym , do  a course , get exercise and so on. As  a result of these opportunity I mentioned, because of having this life style you are more healthy.
      Apart from one I mentioned above, going to work five days a week than three days a week order your life much better, every day you have more organized plan to work based on it. You deal with your different issues in your life much better. You also spend your time on unimportant matter less. In addition, you become less bored in days of the week because every day you have a full beneficial work to do and at weekend you can rest and release tension.
 In a word, it had better to work five days a week for shorter time other than three days with for longer time. Because it is healthier, and it make your life more organized.

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In today s world it is more important to work quickly and risk making mistake than to work slowly and make sure that everything is correct.

At first it seems very difficult for us to reach the quick conclusion that doing work more quickly is more important than doing it slowly. However, after serious consideration we can
see that doing works slowly is more useful than doing it quickly because if we do works quickly, we will have less quality, use more energy and time and have success.
The first aspect to point out is that although we increase the speed of doing works we reduce the quality of our work because we make many mistakes or do it in imperfect way. Imagine one wants to clean their house if they do it quickly they most likely will make a lot of mistakes like breaking something and also will not tidy everywhere for example miss some where to clean and also they will not clean as well as they should as a result the house will not seem so clean very much in addition they destroy something’s.
Apart from one I mentioned above doing work quickly is time wasting, we may think that in this way we save time to do other works work ; however it cause to increase the time we allocate to it in order to correct our mistake. In fact this wastes our time more than when we do work slowly because in this way we have less mistake and it does not need to come back and redo the work also we can improve our work in excess time or do our other work.
Last but not least, along with reasons I mentioned, we will have less success in our work and life by doing works quickly because we have less quality and also spend more time to correct our mistake instead of doing other useful thing or think about improving our quality. Hence generally we cannot be as successful as others who do their work more carefully and slowly.
In a word, I disagree that I had better to do work quickly other than slowly because it results in less quality, spending much more time and energy as well as less success.

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