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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are
the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support
your answer.

Personally I disagree that parents are preferable to the teachers. I feel this way because of three main reasons, namely the parents’ lack of professionalism in teaching, the lack of school environment and the difference in the tolerance levels of parents and teachers against the children.

To begin with, the first main reason I believe that why parents are not the best teachers is that the parents’ lack of systematic approach to train their children. Most teachers are trained and specialized how to train people in accredited higher educational institutions whereas many parents, except the parents whose professions are being teachers, possibly have diffuculty in finding the best way to teach their children. For example, some research studies indicate that learning is a kind of process from which a child may benefit more if the learning approach in question consists of steps prepared professionally, focused on mental as well as physical processes.

Moreover, the second factor I think that why parents should not be the teachers of their own children is that the school environment. A child high likely encounter different kinds of and more difficult problems in his school life under the aegis of the teachers; thus, resulting in more developed competencies. A child in a house under the treatment of their parents, however, would not improve his/her abilities and skills further accordingly owing to the lack of diverse learning environment surrounded with other children and the teachers. For instance, a human brain would improve itself according to the general belief assuming the child faces diverse and ample issues with different teachers.

Furthermore, the last chief reason I strongly believe that why the best teachers are the school teachers is that most parents likely treat their children with more tolerance during their studying. Learning is a long as well as tough journey. Therefore, a child very likey would need strict deadlines for his/her homeworks. In case of parents, most parents may either postpone the deadlines or weaken and alleviate the homeworks in which the child feels himself/herself in a challenge. In my experience, most teachers essay the opposite in order to get a real improvement in their novices. Otherwise, a child would generate ominous signs between his real life and expectations in the future. Hence, in my opinion, the teachers are seemingly the best individuals that children should go alongside during their study life.

In conclusion, these factors shown above led me to believe that the teachers can play the most important role in educating children rather than the children’s parents. Parents, on the other hand, would play a very helpful role in the course of time; nevertheless, in the light of the examples stated above they should not be the prominent actors in their children’s education.

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Hi, I think this is an excellent essay. Hardly any grammar errors, but a few word choices I think could be improved. With a better introduction I think it could score a 5 out of 5.

Thank you very much for the correction and your comment, Luschen! I am really grateful to you. :slight_smile: