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Topic:Some people prefer to live in small town.Other prefer to live in a big city.Which place would you prefer to live in?Use specific reasons and details to support your answers.

Now a days,we can find a trend of urbanization.Everybody wants to improve the standers of life.Though many people like to live in small town,I would always prefer to live in large city because of several reasons. First ,we can modify our quality of life.Second,living in city also affect individual’s economic status.Lastly,for the better of future generation.

First reason that we can modify the quality of life is valid because in a big city,we can easily fulfill our all necessities which would be difficult to obtain in a small town.For example,there is an availability of a great number of malls or shopping centers for purchasing the life necessity’s things.Moreover,we would have an approachable transport system in a big city so that we can reach from one place to another place without difficulty and quickly. All these things modify quality of life, we would prefer to live in a big city with big roads to drive and neat and clean house to live.

Second reason is that it also increases our economic standards.Due to urbanization,in the big cities,there are the establishments of big industries and factories done.Because of these ,local public would have better opportunity to get job and more and more working hours which would be not possible by living in small town.

Third,Our future generation’s all requirements would be satisfied by living in the cities
For example, there is a great number of schools and universities of every branch in the cities.Even the students of the small town who want to get higher education,have to move to a city for further education as there is not availability of higher education in some towns.

In conclusion,As my economic standards is increased and my quality of life is benefited by easily availability of necessary things,I would always prefer to live in a big ,well developed city.

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Hi, this is a pretty good essay. I like your structure. Please make sure to put a space after every comma and period. Also, you have quite a few grammatical errors and some of your sentences and the words you use don’t really sound natural. Please see my comments and suggestions below.

Thank you .I will try my best to write more naturally next time.

You are welcome. Writing natural sounding sentences can be difficult. Try to read in English as much as possible and take a look at some of the other essays posted here for ideas.