please check my essay: go abroad

All college and university students would benefit from spending at least one semester studying in a foreign country.

I agree the statement that college students should study in a foreign country because it can bring benefit to them. the experiences getting from a foreign country can not only open our mind but also improve their skills of learning. However, before we send our students to go abroad, we need to make sure that they are ready for that.

Firstly, there is no doubt that the students can benefit from the experience of studying in a foreign country whose culture and academic environment is different from the students’. These differences allow the students to broaden their eyes and learn more. For example, one of my friends who have learnt in the USA told me that he was surprised by fact that almost every person owned a car and there was a kind of culture of cars in this country, which could not be found in China decades ago. so if he did not go abroad, he might never know and believe it. Besides that, the more important experience is that of learning. In a foreign college, students can find a way which is different from that in their countries to learn, which may encourage to them open their minds to learn more quickly. for example, my friend learnt how to use the computer for calculating data and studied with a learning group, which can not found in his own country. These skills and experiences allow him to study effectively.

However, we should not just focus the benefit we get from this process, we need to consider to what we should pay. Both colleges and students have to make preparations for the process of studying in a foreign country. And that expending may not be afforded to everyone. If the colleges and students do not make preparations, going abroad may become nightmare for students.

Before going abroad, the students need to acquire the ability to use the foreigner language, because it is the base of communication and study. But if you cannot get this ability, you may get little benefit from going aboard. Say, a student who has not learnt how to speak but he/she goes to abroad, it may hard for him to study in the class because he could not understand what teachers are saying. Besides that, the students have to make preparations to adapt a different culture. If you cannot make yourself to adapt it, you may also get not much from the experience of studying abroad. For instance, if my friend fails to accept the life style in the USA, he may not have good relations with his roommates and then he may be isolated by them. this is likely to leads him to a bad spiritual condition.

In conclusion, only after when the students make preparations such as learning the language and culture, they can be benefit from going abroad.

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Hi, your writing is pretty good, but I don’t think your essay addressed the prompt correctly. You should agree or disagree with the statement “all college and university students would benefit from spending at least one semester studying in a foreign country” Instead, you seemed to be addressing “what are the benefits and drawbacks of studying abroad”. The preparations involved in studying abroad don’t seem to be addressing the essay prompt. You should answer the prompt “yes” or “no” and choose your arguments to back up your choice.

thank you for your modification and advice and I revised my essay again. But I am not sure that I have understood well how to focus my points in the essay, so could you read my revised one( and tell whether its points are consistent?

Your points are consistent, but your essay structure is wrong - please see my notes and watch the suggested video or do a google search for TOEFL essay types and structure. This page seems pretty good too: … -tips.html