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Compare and contrast your way of life with that of your parents. Which way of life do you think would be more satisfying to future generations?

Generally the way we live nowadays in some great extents differ from our parents. We can see this issue in some areas such as educating, communicating, and entertaining. In the following lines, I am going to compare and contrast these three areas.
 First, in the field of education, today we can see many great differences than before by technology improvements. For example, we can access to a large number of sources and reference books through the Internet and conduct lots of research in a broad way. On the other hands, the mere source of reference which my parents and people of that generation had, was libraries. Also, nowadays there are a lot of distance courses which many universities around the world provide for students who deals with a problem or cannot participate in classes because of the distance or other barriers. That is another difference in this area in comparison with my parents’ era.                    
Secondly, in the area of communication, in the recent decade we can see that the way people communicate with others either in their everyday lives or while they are in the work place, completely different than before. By this, I mean for instance, people no longer have to go from one city to other cities to visit their relatives or friends who live there. By using telephones, emails or other means of communication they can simply say hello to each other and talk. Another example I would like to mention is about the changes in the workplaces. As a personal experience, in the company which I am working and I am in charge of international negotiations, we are not limited only to face-to-face business appointments. Nowadays, I can make an arrangement with our customers through the Internet and by having a video conference we can make lots of deals and contracts.
 Last but not least, nowadays the ways we enjoy our pastime mostly change from the way our parents used to do. By the invention of new technologies and other means of entertainment we can see numerous differences. For instance, by appearance of game consoles, children and adults in my age, are no longer tend to do outdoor activities and they are more inclined to enjoy their leisure times by playing with video games or watching DVDs and 3D animations which we cannot see it in our parents period.    In conclusion, I do believe that the way we live today would be more appealing for next generations since they can live, study, communicate and entertain in much convenient and better way than our parent’s generation.

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Hi, remember I am not a teacher, but I think you have done an outstanding job with only a few grammatical errors I could find. Some of your sentences are a little too wordy and sound unnatural - I tried to simplify them so they are more concise and easier to understand.

Dear Luschen, thank you so much for checking my essay.
I have just a question, in my essay

“For example, we can access to{“can access a large …” or “have access to a large …”} a large number of sources and reference books through the Internet and [can] conduct lots of research in a broad way{what do you mean by “in a broad way”?}.”

By saying “in a broad way”, which you mentioned that may sound odd, I want to convey the fact that since we can access to numerous kinds of resources such as books and articles in a wide variety of subjects and details, so we can do a lot of research.

Would you please say something that express my idea?

My suggestion for that sentence (other variations are also possible):
First, in the field of education in modern times, we can see many great differences due to technological improvements. For example, we have access not only to reference books but also to a large number of other sources through the Internet. This means that the research we conduct can include a greater depth than was previously possible.

Dear Beeesneees,
Thanks for your immediate response.
The last sentence you wrote: " This means that the research we conduct can include a greater depth than was previously possible." The word “possible”, shouldn’t change into “impossible”?

No, ‘possible’ is correct there.
It indicates that it was not possible previously.