Please check my answers

Please check my answers

  1. I’ll do my very best to _______ there on time.

a get
b have got
c be getting
d getting

My answer : (a) get

  1. Hardly _______ the receiver down than there was a knock at the door.

a put I down
b I put down
c had I put down
d had I downed

My answer : (c) had I put down

  1. Let’s try to get home quickly before the rain really ……… .

a sets in
b sets on
c sets off
d sets down

My answer: c) sets off

  1. I have a confession to make. I _______ you the truth.

a wasn’t told
b haven’t been telling
c told not
d couldn’t be telling

My answer: (a) wasn’t told

Thank you

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  1. Correct.
  2. None of the choices fit. Are you sure you typed everything correctly?
    3/4. Incorrect.
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Yes! I copied it correctly.
I do not know the correct answers of these questions, can you please correct them 3 and 4

Q4. I wasn’t told you the truth
why this is wrong ?

would it be acceptable if I say “I did not tell you the truth”

Thank you dosy

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  1. I can only guess at what was intended, but possibly it was meant to read “Hardly had I put down the receiver than there was a knock at the door.” (i.e. second “down” deleted).

  2. “Let’s try to get home quickly before the rain really sets in.” (“sets in” = becomes steady and persistent)

  3. “I wasn’t told” is a passive form that would have to be followed by something like “I wasn’t told about the meeting”, or “I wasn’t told the truth by my boss”, or whatever. “I wasn’t told you the truth” is ungrammatical.

“I did not tell you the truth” is correct English, but that is not an option. The correct answer is “I haven’t been telling you the truth.”

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Thank you! very much Dosy for explaining very nicely

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