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Topic: Face to face communication vs. emails or phone calls.

My essay:

There are many ways for people communicate in modern life such as letters, emails, or phone calls. The growth of high technology, computer and telephone make many people think that emails or phone calls can replace other traditional communications like face to face. However, in my opinion face to face communication is still the most efficient way to communicate among people.
The main reason make face to face the best choice is that it allows us to see expression of another’s behavior. This is the strong point of this communication method. When someone face to face communicates, we will see her/his eye contact, body language which helps us understand how they are feeling: bad or good, angry or happy, serious or joking… Because of talkers’ faces, behaviors; we really sure what they mean, what we should carry on the conversation, or they tell the truth or not. Spectators depend on this method to figure out criminal signals.
Face to face communication is also important for people to support their relationships such as loving, friendship. Couples need face to face communication to meet, kiss, hug, and tell each other sweet words. Friends want face to face communication to make a party, to make friendship better. All that things can’t be done in letters, emails or a phone call. When a man shows his love for girl friend he should meet her face to face so that the girl can see his gifts, flowers and the most important is how much he love her. If you want to care about problems of a friend, phone call or email is not enough to express your sympathy. Sometimes it makes everything worse because it only shows that you don’t have enough time and care for your friend’s problem.
Other reason why we should face to face communicate is to get full talk and direct response from others. Because of transmit problems, we sometime can’t hear evident conversation, and sometime emails are sent to wrong address, furthermore lost connection… By face to face communication, People can response immediately in conversation, no need waiting their feedback mail, or care about connection problems, quickly and reliable. Face to face communication let us talk comfortable to the end but emails can’t because of waiting, phone call can’t because of service’s fee.
For the reasons I gave above, face to face communication has more effective than other communications such as letters, emails or phone calls.

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Hi, I thought this was one of your better essays. Please don’t use a comma where you should use “and”. Your structure is pretty good, but you have some grammar problems. Some of your sentences are overly long and you tend to get bogged down in multiple phrases, which is when most of your errors occur. Short, snappy sentences may be more effective. I would rate this essay a 3 out of 5.

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