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   The phrase “buy local products” has become something of a mantra to many people in today’s economically turbulent, unfriendly times. However, local buying has disadvantages as well as advantages.
 To begin with, purchasing food and other goods that are produced locally stimulates the economy in which you live; jobs are generated, the community earns money in taxes, and things thrive and grow. In addition, when it comes to purchasing food items, it stands to reason that items which come from our city or state are likely to be fresher than items that are shipped in hundreds, even thousands, of miles or items that have flown across the ocean.
 On the other hand, local food is pretty expensive than most of the food that comes to the grocery store. This is due that the local farmers do not have the streamlined production that big grocery store suppliers have.
 In a nutshell, although local products are extravagant, they would be fresher, environmental and you would be in contact with the producers.

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Hi Relina, I really liked this one, I thought it was one of your strongest essays. You have addressed the topic quite well and provided a lot of interesting information. You have a couple errors and a few sentences that could be phrased more effectively, but overall your writing sounds very natural. Based on your criteria, I would rate this an 8 for content and a 7 for language.