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Television is more educational than books?

A topic that is often debated in these days is the utility of television and how much influence it can have on people. Exactly for this reason, TV is often compared with books as well. Personally, I think that books are more educational than TV for a few reason.

First, TV has many junk programs on air recently. Therefore, although there are many TV shows or educational programs out there which are not stupid, I cannot help thinking about reality shows which own a great amount of bad behaviors and even worse messages on their side.Books, on the other hand, have always had a message that supports any kind of story that they tell to us. What I mean by that is that a book surely can talk about drunk people or drug, but it has a reason for doing it which is usually teaching something to its readers.

Second, books teach scholastic topics, too. Many literature works, in fact, are written or took place in a historical period which is different than the one we are living in. That’s why we can find out something interesting about history itself, art, literature, philosophy and many others. Personally, I think it is an amazing experience reading a book and then beginning to know new aspects of a topic you already knew or news on what you ignored before.

Third, books can be a terrific hobby for kids. In fact, reading can be a way to make them be entertained in a great and useful way. Nevertheless, teachers always recommend parents to make their children read the more they can in order to let them have a better writing as well. Since I guess that this is true and since there are several books designed for kids, I think we do have to listen to this advice.

For all these reasons, I think that books are way better than television, even though we can make them live together by selecting what is worth and what is not.

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Hi, I think your command of the English language is quite good, but I feel your essay had some problems. Some of your arguments were not really convincing to me and your 2nd body paragraph seemed disjointed - see my comment below. You also had a few odd sounding phrases. Your vocabulary is a bit too basic, but apart from a few mishaps, you have used your words correctly. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

Thank you for your help! I’ll try to improve for the next one :slight_smile: