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For a person to succeed in life, knowledge gained through study is more important than the ability to be creative.

There was an adage that says, “Knowledge is power,” the implication being that knowledge breeds success. This adage is wrong. It is not knowledge that’s power: it’s the application of knowledge that provides which contributes to success. Some people claimed that knowledge gained through the study outweighs creativity. But in fact, without the creativity, those creative inventions- internet, twitter, lights and airplanes are hard to come by today. Consequently, for my own perspective, the ability to be creative is more important than knowledge gained though study.

I admit there may be practical importance of learning knowledge through study. Today, truly well education holds the key to opportunities and to people’s living out their dreams. Without proper education, it is hard to achieve innovation through creativity. But it does not mean that creativity take the second place.

Creativity is a way to express our deepest feeling. As humans we have a very strong need to express ourselves and we’re happiest when other people understand what we are trying to get across to them. Obviously, happiness is of great importance for life. According the great philosopher Aristotle stated that: “happiness is the only emotion that humans desire for its own sake.” We can use creativity to express our feeling, emotions, ideas and even sadness in a range of different medium such as music, painting, writing, sculptures even speech. Creativity is the fundamental expression for human being.

Further, creativity is the most important quality for decision making. In 2009, according a study from IBM, for CEOs, and creativity is now the most important leadership quality for success in business, outweighing even integrity and global thinking. This is because creativity helps to generate scientific way and modern approach to solve organizational problem. It helps to invent new technology and novel production system. Hardly can we imagine our world without creativity, the invention from electricity to light bulb, from computers to I-pad, and things simple as washing machine are hard to come by these days.

For those reasons, we can safely conclude that creativity is too importance factor to ignore and creativity have more importance influence than gained through study.

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Hi, your essay is pretty good. I would skip your first body paragraph or mention it briefly in the introduction. Your essay structure and arguments are otherwise very good Your grammar and vocabulary are relatively error free, although you do have some poor word choices and some sentence construction errors. Overall, I would rate this essay a 4 out of 5.