Please can you correct me? The history of Miami part 1

Could you overlook this and tell me what’s wrong or not so good in grammar or something else, please?

The history of Miami

The first white persons who have seen the area around today’s Miami were Spaniards when they sailed in 1523 by ships in the Biscayne Bay.
The captain of the Spanish fleet documented the first name of Miami, Chequescha, in his logbooks.
The first attempts the land to be settled was not from long duration.
In 1517 a Jesuit mission was founded in the mouth of Miami River.
The Mission did not continue especially long.
Already 3 years later the Jesuits decided to close the mission and to proceed into the inside of the land, in the hope to met more natives.
Following the area around Miami was not settled any more by white persons.
About 170 years later the next attempt was begun to settle this region again.
These were the Spaniards again who built in 1743 a fort and a church.
The Spanish colonists, who received land, cultivated food for the soldiers and natives.
The plan to settle there permanently it was classified a year later than not by advantage and was put.
The reason was acute fights with aggressive Indians.
It passed 60 years before the first serious settlement attempts had been begun.
About 1800 received Pedro Fornell, an immigrant from Menorca, the permission of the Spanish royal family to settle the island Biscayne.
There he spent with his family 6 months, before he went to St. Augistine.