Please can you check my essay letter to friend Thanks a lot for help

This is part of a letter from your German pen- friend.
…I find it a bit difficult to understand English grammar. What about you? Do you do grammar exercises? Do you think that it’s necessary to remember all grammar rules?
Have you got any plans for the summer? I was thinking of going to a language school in the UK to improve my English. It would be a lot more fun if we went together. What do you think?
Anyway, I have to go now as I’m helping my Dad in the shop.
Hope to hear from you soon.
All the best,
Write back to Kerstin. In your letter
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ask 3 questions about the trip to the UK
Dear Kevin.
It was great to get a letter from you. Unfortunately, I could write you earlier as I was busy translating some articles about The Great War.
From your letter I understood that you have some difficulties in learning English. You know I was given a piece of advice by my friend whose English is perfect that it is very important to do as many exercises as possible and it is very useful to redo the done exercises in some time after you did them. Try it and in two or three months you will see difference you knowledge of English will improve without learning rules by heart.
In summer I was planning to go to a language school in Australia. But after your offer I will ask my parents to change of the place of a language school. By the way, if my parents agree to send me to a language school in UK, will we go by train or by air. Have you chosen the school? How much should we pay for it?
Best wishes,
Sasha from Russia.

TOEFL listening lectures: A university lecture by a professor of Comparative Religion

Hi, I thought your letter was pretty good, although there were a few sentence i would change.

I am very grateful to you
Best wishes

There are a lot of differences about build a large factory near your community. Some people believe that build a factory close to you have many advantages, while others feel that build a large factory near to you have disadvantages. As far as I am concerned that, I absolutely agree with the opinion which build a large factory close to you have many disadvantages. Now I support my opinion by giving to two reasons.
First of all, I like live a place where there have not many ballyhoo and I consider that building process of a factory has a lot of noisy. For example, I suppose that there build a large factory near to me, in the construction of the factory have many trucks which they carry materials for building. These trucks’ engines have loud voices that really destroy my comfort. Moreover, the trucks can destroy our roads. They also damage the environment because carbon dioxide extract from trucks’ tailpipes. As a result, these disadvantages of factory building can threat my comfort and the factory also threats my health. In addition, I have to fix my road which the trucks destroyed from my own budget and this disadvantage also affects my finance in a bad way. Thus, this makes it clear why many people oppose to build a factory in them community.
Secondly, I consider that the most important disadvantage of the factory building in our community is that it easily damage our environment and pollute it. To illustrate, the factory works every day and they who working in the factory throw a waste matter to street or near the factory. This is really problem for our children because our children playing each other on the street, these waste matters can attract children to themselves and they began play with these industrial refuses. In addition, factory also pollute environment. For instance, factory uses chemical substances for produce their product. These chemical substances include toxic gases or other poisonous substances, these toxic gases may seep to air and damage our environment. This leads to the conclusion that, these disadvantages of factory in community threat our people and our environment , from this it becomes quiet evident why build a factory in the city is useless.
In the conclusion, I do not disagree of build factory and I understand that if there are not many factories in our country, we will have problems. But I disagree with the building a factory in the community. Factory should build in useless area because useless areas are convenient for factory.

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