Playing sports teaches people more lessons about the life.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Playing sports teaches people more lessons about the life.

People always involve in all kinds of sports, which is not only bcause of having fun, but also because of something gained from playing sports. I do agree that playing sports teaches people more lessons about the life. When playing sports, people can learn more and benefit from it in the future.

Playing sports needs people to insist. It is always very hard for people to playing sports well, so some people may give up when he or she realize that. A friend of mine used to play football because of fun, but he could not insist on when he found that playing football needs a lot of difficult skills and one could not grasp it without practice very often. He thought it is so hard for him to carry on and finally gave up. Thus, playing sports needs a lot more, not just interest. People can learn the spirit of persist when playing sports.

In addition, people learn how to perform in teamwork when playing the sports and learn the importance of teamwork as well. Take basketball as an example. When playing basketball, people are divided into two groups to against each other. So it is so vital that a group has to play well to win, that is, not the only one of the group play well, but the whole group. Everyone servers the group and each has their own responsibility. Only if they performed an excellent teamwork, can they finally win the game. Thus, when palying sports, people can learn how to do well in teamwork.

The most important point is that people can learn to face failure when palying sports, Sometimes they win and sometimes they fail, so it is natural to deal with the failure in the sport. That attitude is the same when people face with difficult in life. People can learn how to be optimistic when they confront with difficult and always have a confidence.

In all, playing sports can not only build up one’s body and give people a lot of fun, but also can help people learn more lessons about life when playing sports.

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