Playing games teaches all of us about life

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Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing games teaches us about life. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, with the development of mobile devices, the access to users’ entertainment games is getting easier. The game can help you relieve stress anytime, anywhere without much requirement on a device system. In addition, if not mentioning the harmful effects of game abuse, the benefits that mobile games bring are not small. Games will teach you simple lessons that will change the way you look at life.

First and foremost, playing games trains us to never give up. I have heard many people say “Giving up means losing” or “You will never succeed if you give up at any time”. Playing games is an opportunity for you to experience and prove it best. In the game often set a lot of tasks, challenges as well as obstacles that force you to go through to be able to reach the finish line. And of course, in addition to real life, there is no flat path for you to go. To be able to achieve what you want, requires you to try and make a lot of effort to fight all difficulties and challenges.

Secondly, playing games teaches us that the results depend on all your decisions. In any game, you are the master and the winner or the loser, the destination is fast or slow, it is entirely up to you to decide, depending on how you overcome obstacles. Through the game you understand that difficult and dangerous always stalk you whenever. Just a slow operation, you may fall down. Misplaced, you can instantly lose a network. Wrongly answering a question, you have to play a new game from the beginning. Say so to see how much of your agility and decisions affect your results.

Ultimately, we can have faster reflexes, better hand and eye coordination. Recent studies show that when playing games the most are role-playing games with intense action scenes that can improve the player’s reflexes. The fact that you have to handle situations that require accuracy and agility when interacting between players and games also makes the combination of eyes and hands more flexible. This will create a positive effect on you when playing outdoor sports or dealing with situations that require extremely quick reflexes in everyday life.

To sum up briefly, game, its essence is also a means of communication in which players are entertained, absorbing knowledge, training skills as well as conveying their emotions and so on. Or rather, the game is merely a miniature society where people are able to see the problem from other angles and gain other experiences.