Playing computer games

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Playing computer games is a waste of time. Children should not be allowed to play them.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Learning children how to manage their time is one of the most important duties of parents because if children can not mange their time, they may have lots of problems at the future.Some parents permit their children to waste their time playing computer games while others control their children’s behaviours. I personally believe that playing games takes so much time that its negative effects are more than its positive one’s and some games are psychologically harmful.

To begin, I believe that nowadays when all kids have their own cell phones and laptops, they are more intended to waste their time playing computer games. Moreover computer games are designed so exciting that children can not give up when they start to play these games. For example, my nephew is eight years old and he is so clever that he got a grade A in the class last year. His mother bought a cell phone for him as a present. Unfortunately, he installed some computer games on his cell phone and he started playing them. Yesterday they were invited to our home for dinner. After dinner my nephew went another room playing an online strategic game on his cell phone. His mother told me that he has been addicted to computer games and he has got a grade C this year in the class. As you can see computer games have remarkable negative effects on children’s learning process.

Furthermore, some computer games are designed in a way you should fight with other people and kill some ones to win. I think that these types of games are not appropriate for children and will make them angry and aggressive. For instance, I remember when I was eight years old, one of my friends gave me a computer game’s CD called IGI and I installed it on my PC. It was about world war II and in this game you were as a soldier who should kill every one to win. After a week I was walking on the street I imaged I have to kill everyone in the real world. Therefore I decided to uninstall the game.

To sum up I believe that parents should be aware of negative effects of computer games and should take more care when their children want to start playing a computer game.

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Hi Mahdi, I thought this was one of your best essays yet. You did a great job of including the four part introduction, which I think works very well here. You have also corrected several errors you made in previous essays, such as “these types”, which is great to see.
One concern is that the prompt only talks about computer games as being a waste of time, while your second body paragraph focuses on the negative psychological effects.
It might be good to include a sentence or two stating how there are much more positive options for using one’s time rather than computer games. If you downplay the psychological aspect a little and stick to the waste of time concept, your essay will be more on topic.

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