Play vs. game

Hi, I saw this sentence:

The play starts at 8:30, doesn’t it?

Now, what is meant here, a performance at the theatre or can a play also be a sports game?
Thank you for your explanations.

Hi Nicole,

An interesting question, Game obviously defines a sport literally and of course it can be used in other areas figuratively as in relationships, politics and life in general.
The difference in the use of the word play really revolves around the presence or absence of the article. So if I say: The play starts at 8 pm or I read a play the other day, I am referring to what is performed in the/a theatre. The word play on its own, that is without any article has to refer to the sporting activity. We can say Play started at 2pm or again Because of the delay, play will run a little later. Again Play has been suspended because of the bad light.