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Independent Writing:
Agree or disagree? Scientific discoveries should be made available to scientists all around the world, not kept a secret by one government or some businesses.
The inventions of human are unstoppable because we always are curious about the world. Every years, countries spent countless their fund on scientific discoveries to control the knowledge of technology and science. Some people claim that the inventions of science should be public all around the word. In my perspective, this ideas is not thorough because the scientific discoveries is precious, it should be keep as a secret for the benefitting of national security and national as well as business profits.
Firstly, the inventions of science have a huge power for supporting the safety of national. What I mean is that the new devices of science support the advance in technology and weapons which can protect our countries from the conquests of enemy. I remember that there was a period, the United State and Russia made every endeavor for the army race to take the control of the world and protect themselves from the attraction of opponent. Moreover, now my country – Vietnam is in an attempt to be taken over by China. Definitely, if our scientists have an invention creating a new weapon like super nuclear weapon or biology weapons, our country will not make it available. If we monopolize this kind of weapon China will not dare to violate the frontier of the East.
Secondly, the scientific discoveries are priceless so we can take it to contribute the development of economy. We can exchange it to take money, a policy have benefit for our trace, or other inventions. In the side of business some invention are their key for their successful and tools to earn money. For example, in my father company specializing in making glass production, have been found a new material to make a glass products as an substitute for importing sand from Italia. This new material not only help the cost of product but also is available in my country, therefore it is a big step for the successful of my father company. If this new invention is released that will damage my father company because they may be copy my father company’s product and sell with lower price because they do not need invest their fund into the process of create that new material. This is the reason why I believe that sharing the discoveries of science is not a wise action.
In conclusion, I cannot deny that everything have two sides that sharing scientific inventions can stimulate the development of this device. However, the benefit of national security and the development of country are far weight advantage than other reason.

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Hi Mimiki, I thought this one was pretty good. You have some good ideas and have presented them quite convincingly. Most of your writing was clear, but you did have a few odd or awkward sounding phrases. You also had quite a few grammatical mistakes and incorrect sentence structures. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.